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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are many hesitations and questions that come to mind when choosing the right collision repair facility.  Here are a few that come up quite often.  Any question you may have, that is not answered here, can be answered quickly with one simple phone call to us.

Do I have to take my vehicle to the shop the insurance company recommended?

Absolutely not. There are no laws that give any insurer permission to tell you where to take your vehicle. In fact, there are numerous laws protecting you, the vehicle owner, to give you the choice. You are free to choose any repair facility you’d like.

If my car is repaired at your facility, will it come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our repairs are completed with a limited lifetime warranty for the entire time you own your vehicle.

Do you handle claims with my insurance company?

Yes. We are equipped to handle claims with all insurance providers.

Do I have to get two or three estimates?

No. There are no laws that state you need multiple estimates. If you have chosen J&R Collision Centers for your repairs, express that to the insurance company and we can provide them with an estimate, or they will send an adjuster out to see the vehicle.

What things should I look for when choosing a body shop?

Here are our recommendations for choosing the correct shop

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Each repair is different. Once the Estimator assesses the damage he should be able to give you a great Idea as to the length of the repair. Fortunately for you, J&R Collision centers has completion and cycle times that are competitive with the best in the business!

Can I have my car towed directly to your facility from the accident?

Absolutely! The sooner the vehicle makes it to our facility, the quicker we get you back in the vehicle. We have accounts set up with most of the tow companies in town. Your vehicle can be dropped off and billed through our facility, and we can turn it in to the insurance company for you, making it hassle free.

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